Saturday, March 26, 2011

The war is just to begin

Yeah! saya nak jadi Komander perang!

Bismillah wal hamdalillah

My final exam is just around the corner and you know it is my season finale! Allahuakbar. It is a WAR! 28 March, the haunted date. Last exam, last semester and last year. Please makes me a du'a. Alhamdulillah, finally after years. I cant deny the obstacles and hardship faced. Fighting with yourself. Loss spirit, laziness, time constrain, loss attraction and all sort of bad side of studying. It is just undergraduate Busyra...not Master or PhD. Law is not my passion at the beginning. But now, i realized that finally i fall in love with you Mr Law. But it's too late ^^. Perhaps, it is not the end of my journey in seeking knowledge. The knowledges of Allah are sooo wide. Insya Allah, i will pursue my study in LLB_S. Syariah for another one year. HAH, this is what i called a 'passion'. Absolutely i am getting old here, undergo my undergraduate while others already working, finishing their master and making children. What to do. I have faith in what God had planned for me. I wish it is the best decision. There is always reason and Hikmah in what we do.

I pray to Allah to give me spirit and the strength. I am nothing but a servant. I hope for du'a from everyone. Hidup bergelar pelajar adalah kenangan hidup yang menyeronokkan. Tapi saya tidak melakukanya dengan terbaik. Hmm. Menyesal tiada gunanya. Apapun jangan pandang belakang. Jika diizinkan Allah, masih panjang perjalanan di hadapan. Mulakan kembali. Tiada istilah terlambat. Saya mendoakan anda juga. Moga kita semua Berjaya!

"Ya Allah, selamatkan dunia Islam. Selamatkan Malaysia negaraku, selamatkan Syria negara kedua ku"

With love
busyral huda

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